The Value of Water to the Society

According to environmental economics, the value of environmental resources mainly includes two parts: use value and inherent value. For water resources, most people’s understanding is its use value, such as drinking, production and power generation, etc. This kind of understanding makes us treat water as a kind of survival resource for a long time, onlyContinue reading “The Value of Water to the Society”

Centralized and decentralized mode of wastewater treatment

As an important part of environmental engineering, wastewater treatment takes an important position in sustainable development. However, wastewater treatment is generally divided into centralized and decentralized. The choice of these two modes will become a very debatable topic regarding wastewater treatment in the future. Centralized wastewater treatment Traditional wastewater treatment plants are centralized wastewater treatmentContinue reading “Centralized and decentralized mode of wastewater treatment”

The Social Network

As commonly known, one of the crucial aspects in household infrastructures is the wastewater management. Its potential impact on the society cannot be questioned as it can significantly influence diverse sectors, including public health, manufacturing, agriculture and mining. Nevertheless, wastewater, or more specifically, sewerage, is viewed as a taboo topic in numerous cultures. In otherContinue reading “The Social Network”

Wastewater treatment in agriculture

Wastewater treatment affects people’s everyday lives. The beginning of a new era is certain to bring more technological progress. The largest part of water is consumed for agriculture. Moreover, 80% of freshwater resources are used for agricultural irrigation, breeding, etc. in USA (Aaron Hrozencik, 2015). Therefore, the application of new technologies to agriculture is theContinue reading “Wastewater treatment in agriculture”

Regulations in Aquaculture

Nowadays, the management of emission factories is very strict, ignoring the pollution emission of small individuals, especially the seafood industry and aquaculture. Coastal aquaculture is a traditional practice in Asia. The accelerated development in the last twenty years has created negative environmental impacts, such as discharge of wastewater with high levels of organic matter intoContinue reading “Regulations in Aquaculture”

Importance of regulation

WHAT IS REGULATION? What is regulation? Simply put, regulation is a rule or directive made and maintained by an authority’ This generally refers to the law set up by government or an organization in order to regulate behavior of the public. The regulations encompass every aspect of society including social constructs, legislation, policy and muchContinue reading “Importance of regulation”