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EduWaste is designed to come to your workplace, schools or homes to raise awareness about the issue of our wastewater management and potential solutions. Our aim is to get people talking about the problem and contribute to a solution. Whether that’s donating towards the cause, entering in to the field of wastewater or simply being more waste smart at home – one more person being educated is one less person being a part of the problem.

The cost of the program coming to visit varies but it begins at a rate of $100 per session. The price is negotiable depending on the requirements of the program but please feel free to contact us for more details or further inquiries.

Half of all profits go towards helping rural Aboriginal communities in WA gain access to basic sanitation. The proportion of aboriginal communities with inadequate wastewater treatment is shocking compared to the rest of the country and a huge problem towards solving this problem is funding. Therefore, in the short term we are looking to contribute towards this cause but our future mission is to pair with international organisations to help countries around the world that are facing similar issues.

The Team

Tommy Le

Tan Angus

Sarath Sudheer

Helmen Lai

Laurel Ting

Gawen Zhang

Liandong Jiang

Bowei Sun

Xiaowen Li

Gavrilo Rakic

Xiaohan Gu

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