Wastewater Education Program

Learn how to improve the RESILIENCE, RELIABILITY & ROBUSTNESS of our current/future wastewater treatment practices. A program designed to come to your doorstep and open your eyes to the issues surrounding our wastewater treatment

Be a part of the solution, not the problem

Take a glimpse in to our future wastewater practices and recycling through a technical, social and regulatory approach

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Technology is constantly evolving with time. The latest gadgets are always great to use but how can implement these innovations in to the wastewater sector?

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The power of the people and the power of the internet. A beautiful pairing when used correctly. How can this combination be beneficial to the future of wastewater?

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Rules are the worlds worst enemy. They are put in place for our benefit but so many people still choose to break them. So how can rules be made to aid our wastewater treatment?

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Learn about the past, present and future of the EduWaste program by viewing this exclusive interview with “Find me where the hot things are”

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EduWaste is designed to come to your workplace, schools or homes to raise awareness about the issue of our wastewater management and potential solutions. Half our profits goes towards funding for rural Aboriginal communities in WA.

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